About Us


Athena is passionate about helping women to grow stronger, more profitable businesses and create opportunities for career success.

Launched in October 2005; our organisation is vibrant and fast-growing, The Athena Network® is THE leading International networking, training and development business club for female executives and entrepreneurs.

We are a community of inspirational leaders, corporate high-flyers, passionate entrepreneurs and influential executives dedicated to collaborating for professional success.

The focus is to provide members with specialist training, inspirational talks and expert advice in the form of meetings, events and programmes relevant to women in business.

○ Networking strategy
○ Technology and productivity
○ Finance and Compliance
○ Professional Development
○ Business Development


Focusing exclusively on women in business fulfilling a business development role, Athena offers inspiring opportunities to engage with business owners and decision-makers from diverse industry sectors. Founded on values of respect and integrity, The Athena Network® groups are committed to welcoming members and visitors in a relaxed, mutually supportive and ethical environment.

The Athena Network® provides members with international collaboration opportunities and a rapidly growing online community where women can interact and share information, skills and business contacts.


Athena is passionate about bringing women like you together, helping them to grow stronger, more profitable businesses and creating opportunities for career success.

○ To create opportunities for members to make strategic connections and accelerate business growth.
○ To inspire success and collaboration by developing members’ business and networking skills.
○ Encourage women in business to inspire and support others to achieve success



The Athena community attracts members who are discerning, accomplished business women and corporate career women with shared values of contribution and integrity.  Our members contribute to a diverse business community that fosters success, collaboration and inspiration among our prominent, influential and aspiring businesswomen.

○  The core programme within The Athena Network® focuses on providing excellent training and resources to create a robust networking and business development strategy for business growth and career advancement.

○  Our vision for Athena is to continue to create a vibrant and dynamic community of female entrepreneurs and executives ready and committed to accelerating their business growth through mutual collaboration.

○  Our membership is a thriving hub of small businesses and female entrepreneurs; Athena is here to provide a platform for connecting and an opportunity for women to learn, grow and connect.